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COMPOSITION : 925/1000 silver and rhodium silver or 1 microm yellow gold plated

DESCRIPTION : Chevalier ring with engraving: “this too will pass”

a beautiful phrase of the wise King Solomon that has a beautiful meaning: it is valid for difficult, sad, painful, tiring moments …. but it is – I would say above all – for beautiful, happy, positive moments …. everything passes, EVERYTHING !
so ?
therefore we must remember every moment of it, and live every moment intensely, thanking and blessing him because only by savoring everything that life presents us we will not have regrets (or remorse) when

SIZE  : adjustable


All the jewels are made and / or painted by hand, even the engravings are due to a manual work therefore very small inaccuracies make each piece unique, giving a guarantee of authenticity.
Each jewel is shipped in its letter-shaped box ready to be donated.

As far as possible I try to meet my customers, so if you need the jewel in the shortest time, do not hesitate to write to me at  info@bealegamipreziosi.it


It looks like a simple heart… take a good look at it… The heart of BeA, asymmetrical, intertwined, encloses an embrace: they are two faces in a heart. Who I am? This you have to decide … because this heart was born to tell the most authentic bonds and only you can tell your story.

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